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Exceeded Expectations!

"Thank you guys so much....Me and my family are so blessed to find a real support in life. The Team at GoodHires.ca gave me a new direction and a new perspective. Both, me and my wife, now work in Toronto and our children go to the best school nearby. I'm very content with my life here .Canada gave us an opportunity, GoodHires gave us guidance and helped us relocate and find jobs ...Thank you Mark, Tom & All of you at GoodHires.ca"
Rodney Stratton

GoodHires.ca  are the best!...New job, new house,new ME! Grazie!

""So, with my Diploma and 5-year experience as a nurse I tried to find a suitable job. My search lead me to GoodHires.ca and that was it! Now I'm in Vancouver, working in a beautiful environment with excellent work conditions. I met my boyfriend here and we are expecting our baby soon 🙂 Thank you , thank you, thank you".
Robert H. Schuller

Thank you

All roads lead to Rome....Mine, lead me to Alberta.With the assistance of GoodHires.ca I found my new home here up north. It's so beautiful. Thank you for the help...It means a world to me"
Roger Fernandez

There are pipes to be fixed here in Manitoba!

""There are pipes to be fixed here in Manitoba! Thanks for my new job.It's great!"
Ashley Fletcher
Well.according to my opinion Good Hires is very good employment agency because they will give some help to all the people that they really want to apply..They will also give support for those people that they really want to find a job going to different country. So,as for me i"m proud and i"m salute to the Good Hires...You"re doing great,,,Keep up the good works....Thank you so much.God bless You all !! specially to all the staff of Good Hires....
Well.according to my opinion Good Hires is very good employment agency

Hi, I just wanted to take the time to write a few words and let you know guys that Tom has given me help and assistance throughtout my dealings with GoodHires.ca website.

It's quite unusual to find people that have an idea of what customer care should be like nowadays and the sheer fact that Tom and his team went literally out of their way to help me and I'll make sure i most definitely use the GoodHires.ca website again in the future and Will be recommending it to all of my friends and colleagues looking for a Job in Canada now Klauzs V. Wierzyce, Poland

Nowadays it seems that complaints about services are more often than praises, but praise is what the Team at GoodHires.ca deserves

I hope to make a difference by telling publicly how I was impressed by the impeccably fast progress on my employment file with GoodHires.ca and I had to say thanks Really Impressive service, will definitely be using your site guys and remain a member
    David C. Beverly Hills, CA
David C.

I wanted to say how very helpful and efficient Good Hires™ have been in dealing with my case and getting me a new job transfer so quickly.

Nowadays i think It's all too rare to be able to fin an organisation that truly bends over and over to win their customers as opposed to just saying they do). Being kind helpful, friendly, up-front and efficiently goal oriented are qualities you just dont seem to to find everywhere else (Tom in customer support was also very very kind, jentleman and pleasant to deal with in the first place). So much, and so well done Good Hires™ -Keep it up and I'll have no reservations in using your agency again sometime in the future as well as recommending you to both of my relatives from the Philippines Maria DeLos Santos