More Ways to Get Hired

  • When you create an online JobSeeker profile, you will instantly have access to jobs you would have never known about if you were limiting yourself to classified ads in the newspaper.
  • You will be able to find opportunities across a greater geographical area.
  • Some employers choose to advertise solely online rather than spending money on multiple newspaper ads.
  • Your JobSeeker profile ensures you won’t miss out.
  • Employers may seek you out if your skills are in line with what they need, rather than waiting for you to apply first.

 Greater Job Accessibility

  • With an online JobSeeker profile, you will encounter job opportunities that don’t have have physical locations at all.
  • Telecommuting and working solely on the internet is becoming more popular to cut down on travel and office maintenance costs, among other reasons.
  • Had you been searching for local brick and mortar locations hiring, you would have missed these unique employment opportunities altogether.

 Save Time and Money

  • Searching for employment can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Between printing résumés and driving around to find companies to apply to, looking for work becomes a job on its own.
  • By creating a JobSeeker profile online, you save yourself from these hassles in favor of conveniently searching for and applying to jobs from the comfort of your own home.

 New Jobs Delivered to your Inbox Daily or Weekly

  • You don’t need to be told that looking for work is a full time job.
  • Perhaps more frustrating than shunting from disappointing interview to disappointing interview is finding out that you missed out on the job of your dreams because you failed to hear about that particular opportunity.
  • When you get new job announcements delivered directly to your e-mail account however, you have a powerful job hunting tool at your disposal that puts you in charge of the search for employment. Job alerts allows you the choice to view relevant job vacancies in a real time format and you can choose the frequency with which you receive your updates.
  • If you are just exploring your career options from the comfort of your current position, you may wish to receive weekly or monthly updates while daily updates are available for those scrambling to meet their rent obligations.
  • Successful job hunts are as much about organization as they are about persistence and luck, so in addition to Job alert’s automated updates, you can also save your job searches, so you will know who to follow up with at the appropriate time.
  • Additionally, you don’t need to worry about missing that next dream job because you can also easily track your favorite companies as they post their most recent vacancies.