1. My Public Profile

Upload/Create Your Online “Featured Jobseeker” Profile here. Once your online profile is successfully created it becomes “Featured” and immediately active for All of our Pre-Approved Recruiters & Employers to see. This is a requirement even if you already submitted a standard Resume/CV in text format as it’s different to a regular resume. Feel free to e-mail us if you need help with this

2. My Job Matching

Input your preferred occupation in order to get the Best Possible Job-Matches according to your Experience. Our service includes a manual ‘Job Matching” Process where we feature & match your online profile against our database of Hiring Managers & Recruiters. Once a successful match has been found, we e-mail you with Employer’s Profiles We think might be a good fit for you

3. View Available Jobs Now

Access all of our Pre-Approved Recruiters & Employers on file. Get the full scoop on the Salary Range, Benefits Package etc.. Then, after a careful research you express your interest in a particular Company/Position, you simply follow the “Apply Now” button, found near the bottom of the Employer’s page on our site & initiate contact with the Hiring Manager

4. Check My Profile Completeness

A fully completed Profile is a Profile that gets the most views from Recruiters browsing our database. Make sure you keep your profile nice & tidy and regularly updated

5. Jobs that I’ve Bookmarked

Access All Jobs that you’ve bookmarked previously through our Job Portal for later access & to give yourself time to prepare for applying

6. Help & Support

Need additional support during the process?
We love helping clients just like you succeed in the Global Job Market! Our support form is just a click away! Note: we answer all of our e-mail within 4 hours of receipt (during business hours only)

7. Confirmation Letter to Employers

Open Letter to Hiring Managers: Only to be sent to Employers who are unfamiliar with Overseas Recruitment Process and need further assurance

8. Logout

Especially useful if you’re on a shared/public computer and don’t want to leave any traces of your session affter you are done